Jodan Seminar @ NY, USA November 4th.


We are proud and privileged to organize the first Jodan seminar lead by Noboru Kataoka-sensei on November, 4, 2018. This is an open seminar for all kendo players regardless of federation. We welcome all Jodan kenshis, who wishes to improve his/her skill in Jodan as well as anyone who are interested in learning the Jodan technique for the first time. All entry fees will be used for a donation to support Team AEUSKF 2020. Please join our special event.  Thank you very much.


Please bring Cushion pats to protect your right hand.  We put it over right KOTE.We will train to hit one hand KOTE strike.  One pat may be not enough to protect your wrist.So bring some protection pats for yourself so that you be pleased to do JODAN practice.