Safety and Kendo outside of the dojo


Hello JCCC Kendo Members,


This is a follow up from our earlier meetings this week in the dojo.


All JCCC Kendo Sensei, Instructors, Sempai, Students and Parents are reminded that the JCCC and the JCCC Kendo Club are committed to a safe environment for students and visitors to the JCCC and that we are not to swing shinai, bokuto or any other objects anywhere outside of the dojo (unless special permission is granted by the JCCC), especially in the area inside / outside of the change room and martial arts viewing area. 


Kendo is more than just ‘swinging bamboo swords’.  Kendo includes proper respect for people and the community/environment . 

Let’s practice such inside and outside of the dojo.



Thank you for the ongoing support.