How to Join


We will be accepting new students on the Sunday and Wednesday during the month of Janurary, March, and September  You are free to join the beginners class (non-bogu) on those two days as a trial.  Please wear comfortable clothing (t-shirt and sweat pants are ideal) if you would like to join the class.  You are not require to purchase or bring any equipment for the trial class.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to ‎register directly with the front desk at JCCC on either of those two days.


The class time is as follows for non-bogu Wednesday and Sunday:  




Minimum Age required: 8 years old 


Below are the fees should you decide to enroll:

1) Annual Club membership fee: $50 for adult, $35 for junior (under 18) or $80 for family.  Note that this fee is collected by the club (separate from the JCCC membership fee) and funds club's administration and events host by the club throughout the year.   


2) JCCC membership and completed waiver form are required to register for classes (collected at JCCC front desk).

*Student, age 17 and under, requires parents' approval with signature and registration of JCCC Family membership with parents.


3) Monthly class fee (collected at JCCC front desk): 

Children (up to 14 years old): $38 +HST

Youth (15-21 years old) & Seniors (65 years old and older): $49 +HST

Adults (22-64 years old): $60 +HST


Pre-Payment Discounts (for advance payment ONLY)

Deduct 5% if fees paid 3 months in advance 

Deduct 10% if fess paid 6 months in advance 

Deduct 15% if fess paid 12 months in advance

Multiple Members Discount

Deduct 10% if more than 1 member of a family studies the same martial arts discipline