The Japanese Heart of Kendo | Keishicho Seminar This Weekend


Hi JCCC Kendo Members,

1. Reminder - Upcoming Annual Keishicho Kendo Seminar  @  Sat Aug 11:

     - Please see below for further information (and background) on the Annual Keishicho Kendo Seminar program

     - Reminder to send email to this email address if you wish to attend by Thu Aug 9 (End of Day)

     - Please confirm if you also wish to attend the dinner with the Keishicho Sensei

2.  Fri Aug 10 - Regular Practice CANCELLED:

     - Regular Fri Night Practice (Fri Aug 10) is cancelled as Watanabe Sensei (Keishicho Sensei) will be hosting a special practice for Team Canada

            - All members are welcomed to visit and watch the  practice

Thank you for the ongoing support,

JCCC Kendo Club