Montreal Kendo Taikai Result


Hi Everyone,

Please see below for the results of the Montreal Kendo Taikai last weekend.

Thank you to the members that represented the club at the event.

Special congrats to Elliott Altilia (Men's Team), Yun Bao "Drake" (2-3 Dan Individuals) and Joanna Asare (Female Fighting Spirit)

Pleas see below for details...

JCCC Kendo


Results of 2018 McGill Kendo Taikai

Individual Mudansha-Shodan

1st place: Kathy La (Mississauga)...
2nd place: Etienne Matieu (Granby)
3rd place: Ryan Evans (York U), Luke Pham (University of Toronto Kendo Club)

Individual women:
1st place: Hanaca Yamada (Vancouver Kendo Club)
2nd place: Bora Choi (Jung Ko Kendo)
3rd place: Noriko Imaizumi (Granby), Alysha Hum (Shidokan)

Individual Nidan-Sandan
1st place: Rahmil Mustafa (University of Toronto Kendo Club)
2nd place: Yun Bao (JCCC)
3rd place: Daniel Lau (Carleton), Patrick Kim (GSK)

Individual Yondan and Up
1st place: Kyle Eunseob Lee (Chinook Kendo Club)
2nd place: Inseo Park (Jung Ko Kendo)
3rd place: Tuan Anh Hoang (McGill), Julio Kenji Toida (Montreal Kendo Club)

Team Division
1st place: Team Canada Kendo Men
2nd place: Garden State Kendo Alliance
3rd place: McGill University 1, Jung Ko Kendo

Fighting spirit women: Joanna Asare (JCCC)
Fighting spirit men: Matthew Ricci (Hamilton Kendo Club)