2018 Spring JCCC Junior Kendo Tournament Results


2018 Spring JCCC Junior Kendo Tournament Results 

Congratulations to the winners of this year's JCCC Junior Kendo Tournament: 

Non-bogu (15 ys old & under) 
1st Rihiro Harada - Toronto Kendo Club 
2nd Ryunosuke Kamata - Etobicoke Kendo Club 
3rd Chikara Katsuta - JCCC Kendo Club 
3rd Liam Carey - Toronto Kendo Club 

Bogu (10 yrs & under) 
1st Leonard Atiyota - Nikka Gakuen Kendo Club 
2nd Eric Onuma - Detroit Kendo Club 
3rd Aidan O'Neill - Detroit Kendo Club 
3rd Takushi Masuda - Detroit Kendo Club 

Bogu (11-13 yrs old) 
1st Julien Couturier - JCCC Kendo Club 
2nd Warrick Bruan - JCCC Kendo Club 
3rd Daichi Soso - Toronto Kendo Club 
3rd Sydney Asa - JCCC Kendo Club 

Bogu (14-15 yrs old) 
1st Maki Kamata - Etobicoke Kendo Club 
2nd Ryuya Habu - Detroit Kendo Club 
3rd Kathy La - Mississauga Kendo Club 
3rd James Liconti - Etobicoke Kendo Club 

Teams Division 
1st JCCC Kendo Club A - Hudson Lin (S), Leighton Lee (C), Julien Couturier (T) 
2nd Detroit Kendo Club A - Eric Onuma (S), Tomoya Habu (C), Ryuya Habu (T) 
3rd Etobicoke Kendo Club A - Peter Liconti (S), Maki Kamata (C), James Liconti (T) 
3rd Toronto Kendo Club A - Taketoshi Miyamoto (S), Yona Kushima (C), Daichi Soso (T) 

Fighting Spirit 
Non-Bogu Division: Rachel Lee - JCCC Kendo Club 
Bogu Division: Atsuhiro Attard - Hamilton Kendo Club 

Special thanks to our sponsors for prize donation: 
Bogu Master 
Kenshin Budogu 

Thank you to all the participants in the tournament this year for demonstrating good fighting spirit, making the event exciting and enjoyable. We would also like to extend our appreciation to the parents, club representatives, coaches and shimpans for the time spent to support, cheer and mentoring the participants. Last but not least, the tournament would not be successful without our volunteers! Thank you! 

JCCC Kendo Club