U of T Tournament Results


Hi Everyone, 

Please see below for the results from Saturday's U of T Kendo Tournament.

17 representatives from JCCC.

Special congrats to the following JCCC members who placed in their respective categories:

1. Mudansha & Shodan - Individuals:  Aaron Wilson - 1st Place

2.  Team Match: Team Canada Men featuring Elliott Altilia - 1st Place

3.  Fighting Spirit Award - Joana Asare

JCCC Kendo


Division A: Mudansha & Shodan
1st Place: Aaron Wilson (JCCC Kendo Club)
2nd Place: Ryan Evans (York University Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Zexi Wu (University of Western Ontario Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Inho Cha (University at Buffalo Kendo Club)

Division B: Nidan & Sandan
1st Place: Jun Choi (Jung Ko Kendo Club)
2nd Place: Yukitaka Kazanawa (University at Buffalo Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Xiaohe Chen (University of Toronto Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Eli Oda (McGill University Kendo Club)

Division W: Women's
1st Place: Akiko Fukushima (Vancouver Kendo Club)
2nd Place: Bree Yang (Jung Ko Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Hanaca Yamada (Vancouver Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Veronique Marchand (Université de Montreal Kendo Club)

Division C: Yondan & Above
1st Place: Ryo Yasumura (Etobicoke Kendo & Iaido Club)
2nd Place: Shigemitsu Kamata (Etobicoke Kendo & Iaido Club)
3rd Place: Inseo Park (Jung Ko Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Kyle Eunseob Lee (Chinook Kendo Club)

Division T: Teams
1st Place: Team Canada Men 
2nd Place: JKO 1 (Jung Ko Kendo Club Team 1)
3rd Place: Team Canada Women
3rd Place: TKC 1 (Toronto Kendo Club Team 1)

University of Toronto Fighting Spirit Award
Meghan Demirer (University at Buffalo Kendo Club)

Daniel Saruyama Fighting Spirit Award
Joana Asare (JCCC Kendo Club)