JCCC Kendo Club - Annual Membership by Feb 10th


Hi JCCC Kendo Members,


Following up on earlier announcements, we are sending out our annual JCCC Kendo Club memberships forms.

Please complete the annual JCCC Kendo Club Membership form as we will be collecting the one-time annual fee to the JCCC Kendo Club (not the JCCC).  This fee is to cover the various club related events and expenses throughout the year (club tournaments, lunch events, new year ozoni, etc.).  Please note that we had to adjust the membership fee slightly upwards as a result of rising costs in various events and activities.  


Please review the attached.  Our goal is to have all fees collected by Sunday, Feb 10th.


Once the form is completed, please forward to a Kendo Instructor or Club Management member.


Thank you for the ongoing support.


JCCC Kendo Club